Electrical system development

Electrical system development is FELE´s priority. You get the 3-D transfer, 2-D drawings and electronic logic first hand. We coordinate the project within your vehicle organisation. FELE provides the entire team and makes sure that there is an electrological link between package, 2D drawing, representation and project coordination so that there’s always a coordinated state available, therefore a coordinated technical progress can be released.

The following tools are used:

  • 3-D wiring via CATIA V5 
  • Siemens NX

The following activities will be undertaken:

  • Cable harness layout, modification, adopting to the installation space requirements
  • Implementation and matching of the packaging and collision analysis with all relevant cross section parts
  • Definition of the cable placement, fixing- and sealing elements
  • Design of brackets, grommets, shafts/channels and other harness components
  • Definition of the harness length and bend radius
  • Creation of a library for all needed electrical and non- electrical components

2-D layout via LDorado

We will produce a harness layout plan on the basis of the electrological and geometrical CATIA V5 data.
This occurs with the program LDorado layout/design

The following activities will be undertaken:

  • Generation of the harness- and wiring layout
  • Generation of the modules for a KSK
  • Generation of the components and parts list
  • Alignment and/or plausibility check of the harness layout
  • Execution of the electrological and geometrical data modifications if needed
  • Execution of the modification management
  • Fabrication of a variation of harnesses for the different construction- and/or testing phases
  • Generation of production drawings
  • Generation of the relevant release drawings
  • Generation of a “red-pen-drawings” and documentation of modifications by using a part history

Electrologic via E3.Cable / LCable

The electrical system TweakPC begins first with the preparation of electrical logic. It first creates a flow-, circuit diagramm and the pinning used in your organisation. The used tool depends on OEM!

The following activities will be undertaken:

E3 schematic/LCable:

  • Pinning design and their link
  • Online functionality (connection layout, signal path, signal cross-references)
  • Modularisation of predefined circuit parts
  • Logical-and electrical assessment (active error prevention)
  • Creating of part- and symbol data bank


  • Creation of DP charts
  • Linking of the function module over single-, screened- or stranded wires
  • Definition of the cable cross section
  • Definition of eyelets, lugsand connectors
  • Representation and views of connectors, cables and/or pins
  • Representation of the DP-Charts
  • Documentation of the complete electrologic