Quality Management

The quality of our services begins with the high demands that we make on ourselves and on the work for our customers. To cope with these expectations we are optimizing our processes and and implementing a qualtiy management after ISO 9001.

Our qualitiy assurance aspires the optimization of our processes, services as well as of our work organisation to cut costs and improve our customers' competitive capacity.

Therefore we use the following measures:

  • Planning, realization and analysis of qualtity audits instructed by ISO 9001.
  • Corporated development of correcting and improving measures and theirtracking.
  • Planning and realization of educational measures for the continuous process of improvement.
  • Definition of our quality objectives as well as the execution of management reviews.
  • Creation, actualization and regulation of our company's documentary (reference book of management, process and work instructions, forms).
  • Constant improvement of processes, introduction of quality circles, further development of the quality management's system, etc.